Transcript: Wesley Snipes Trailer

DAMIEN (3s):
Hi, I’m Damien King Lee and this is the f****d up story of my life and the lives of my guests. In this series of podcasts, I’ll be speaking to unique and inspiring individuals about their life, their personal stories, struggles, and experiences. On today’s podcast I have a guest who I really wanna talk to about his career and in life in general.

You know, if I can get the money, get the resources to get to the school and to have the audition. I know I’ll get it. Just let me get there. And that was the challenge. Yo man, I had to hustle too man, you know, we had to get out, I had to wash windows and had to sell flip icies. You know what I’m saying? Had to wash cars to get that money. Yeah, this was my experience in six years ago. There’s still some places I can go, and I can walk in and because of the chocolate, they won’t let me use the restroom.