Transcript: Bella Twins Trailer

DAMIEN KING LEE (0s): Hi, I’m Damien King Lee and this is the fucked up story of my life and the lives of my guests. Let me introduce you… This is guys, Nikki and Brie Bella

BRIE BELLA (11s): From the WWE ring, to being entrepreneurs, to now being moms, because we’ve gone through so many downs, but we did make those downs go into ups… Like Nicole and I like to say we’ve turned every negative into a positive.

NIKKI BELLA (23s): To me the true victory and the reward is when you’re at that forefront of the fight, because we know the feeling of not getting it or having to fight hard for it. I just never wanted to be a victim, I always wanted to be a survivor… And what I finally realized was my definition of success is happiness.