Transcript: Life is… Trailer

DAMIEN KING LEE (0s): Hi, I’m Damien King Lee and this is the fucked up story of my life and the lives of my guests. As a successful entrepreneur, my life was great. Five years ago, I was dropped a bombshell I was diagnosed with late stage for cancer. You know, when you get that sort of news and particularly me, I’m also a single dad of two young amazing boys, when they tell you, you’ve only got a few weeks left, you know, you’ve got to take some action. When I put my mind to something, I generally achieve it and that’s been my outlook and attitude and that’s what I also teach my two young boys. Getting cancer once is difficult, getting through it is even more difficult, surviving it four more times as I have, is life changing.

DAMIEN KING LEE (47s): Life isn’t for wasting, life is, well, what you make it. In this series of podcasts, I’ll be speaking to unique and inspiring individuals about their life, their personal stories, struggles, and experiences. I will be having real conversations

BELLA TWINS (1m 4s): For us and the other women, we got to a point where we just became exhausted. Bringing in our a game every week, but it didn’t matter. Then the movement came and we were at the forefront and it was like, you could put whatever barrier you want is high… we are going to knock that down.

DAMIEN KING LEE (1m 19s): My guests share intimate parts of their lives.

CLAIRE HOLT (1m 22s): I had a miscarriage in my first pregnancy. That was really tough for me. The depth of the feelings that I felt and just, the overwhelming despair, and depression that I felt afterwards…

DAMIEN KING LEE (1m 31s): And we learn how to overcome challenges, make the most out of situations.

WESLEY SNIPES (1m 35s): During the days when I was growing up, you know, being dark skinned, wasn’t the cat’s meow. It fuels you to be better, to overcome what they see as your inadequacy or your weakness. And then look, what ends up happening? You know, I end up being a romantic lead and movies that travel around the world.

DAMIEN KING LEE (1m 52s): I’m Damien King Lee. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the most beautiful aspects of living are going to be explored on my podcast Life is…