SoluBlue is a material technology company providing uniquely innovative and sustainable B2B solutions for a changing world. We make hyper-biodegradable, natural biopolymers and composite materials using only renewable resources and for applications in a range of product-types and market sectors.


We are enabling businesses that rely on single-use packaging to end their reliance on fossil fuels (petroleum-based plastics) and land use (bio-based plastics) in order to provide for a future which is ecologically, ethically and commercially sound.

Our vision is to eradicate what we see as some of the world’s biggest problems: plastic and food waste. Today we are commercialising a new seaweed-based polymer which, when used to package fresh food, works to extend its shelf-life by more than 50% – a world first.

SoluBlue material can form a range of food packaging containers which look and feel like plastic but biodegrade like food does: SoluBlue packaging simplifies waste streams because both food waste and its container can be placed in the same composting bin, ensuring these valuable resources are captured and returned (as compost) to the economy, to grow more food!

Our technologies are highly scalable, circular and commercialisable. We are becoming a world-leading provider of turnkey high-volume manufacturing processes that can be partnered or licensed. The adoption of our technology by our clients means business as usual: our materials are compatible with existing line equipment and provide a ‘plug and play’ solution.

In 2019 we won the New Materials category of the global NextGen Cup Challenge with our hyper-biodegradable disposable cups. This year we are Nominees for one of the world’s largest sustainability competitions: the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge. We are also supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology accelerators, EIT Food and EIT Innovation, as well as the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership accelerator, provided by the University of Cambridge.


Next Gen Cup Challenge, Winner New Materials

Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge, Finalist 2020



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